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Provides all natural nesting material. Goldfinches absolutely love it!

Havegard Best Nest Builder

A favorite of all seed eating birds.

Havegard Farm Sunflower Seed

Cardinals love this high oil content seed. Safflower is also a perennial favorite of Purple Finches as well as Chickadees.

Havegard Farm Safflower Seed

Suets attract a large variety of birds year round. Perfect for summer feeding. Keep feeding the birds you had in winter and they will stay and nest.


This feeder comes pre-filled with niger thistle seed, ready to hang and enjoy. Goldfinches love the natural feel of feeding from the Thistle Pouch. Refill this feeder again and again.

Havegard Farm Thistle Pouch

This cleaner with bleach is specially formulated to keep your birdfeeders and birdbaths clean and sanitary, without the dyes and harsh chemicals found in many household cleaners.

Havegard Farm Feeder Fresh

Shown here is a sampling of some of the products we offer.


A superior blend with cherry juice added to "sweeten" the mix for attracting a wide variety of songbirds.

Havegard Farm Wild Bird Feed

This exotic grain is the "cream" of the crop for attracting the American Goldfinch, Pine Siskin, Indigo Buntings and House Finches

Havegard Farm Niger Thistle Seed

Havegard Farm's finest blend. Enriched with extra sunflowers, safflower and hulled sunflower chips for Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Finches, Chickadees and many more.

Havegard Farm Gourmet Mix

Seed Bells

Seed and Nut Cakes

Wire Feeders

Seed Bells are a great way to attract a larger variety of birds to your backyard. Seed bells are packaged with a colorful net that is ready to hang on trees and shrubs.

A must for serious bird lovers, these are developed for year round feeding of wild birds. They last much longer in the bird feeder and hold together well in all weather.

Vinyl coated wire feeders are a great touch to yards, gardens and decks.