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Havegard is dedicated to offering fresh, top-quality bird food—the best in the market. Our no-waste bird seed blends are made from 100% edible seed and have been exclusively formulated for the feeding preferences of your local birds. No cereal fillers—just fresh, high-quality seed your birds will love.

We also carry a wide variety of other bird foods—suet and no-melt doughs, seed cylinders and more—featuring different exclusive flavors.

Our Bird Seed and Seed Blends

All our blends are made of the stuff birds like to eat!  We learned long ago the better the blend, the better your bird watching and the lower your annual bird feeding cost!

Bird seed that is an apparent good deal price-wise is also made very inexpensively because they add seeds like milo and wheat.  However, in most regions these seeds are not eaten by bird feeder birds.  So, cheap seed is the most expensive way to feed the birds, since there is so much uneaten waste, and you lose out with poor quality birdwatching.

We also stock all the non-blended bird seeds like black oil sunflower, sunflower chips, safflower, Nyjer® (thistle), millet and ear corn.

Our Suet Products

We carry high quality suet products for birds like woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, bluebirds, wrens, mockingbirds, etc.

Our suets come in cakes and tubs and are designed to fit in any of our suet feeders.

Hummingbird Food and Nectar

Our hummingbird food and oriole nectar provides the high calories these active birds need.  It is easy to mix and delivers wonderful results.

The Best Bird Food in Town!

Experience the Freshest in Bird Food.


Havegard Farm Inc. is a family-owned business--a manufacturer of quality bird feeding products. Our business was established in 1974 and has experienced explosive growth from day one. Havegard products are currently marketed throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and with several products, the East Coast


Havegard offers a full line of bird feeding products. These include 5# and 12# Safflower Seed, 3# and 10# Niger Thistle Seed, 3# Wild Finch Mix, the Best Nest Builder and the pre-filled, Refillable Thistle Pouch.


Unlike some birdfeed manufacturers, Havegard recognized the significance and growing portion of customers who are as concerned about quality as they are about price.


Havegard IS:  Quality Bird Feeding Products